Balcony power plant 800 Watt / 800Watt solar system Song-Solar GTB 800W

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Balcony power plant 800 Watt / 800Watt solar system Song-Solar GTB 800W

Balcony power plant 800 Watt / 800Watt solar system Song-Solar GTB 800W

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Balcony power

With the SongSolar 800 Watt Balcony Solar Power Station you can instantly generate your own electricity. Depending on the location and orientation, the balcony power plant produces between approx. 650 - 850 kWh per year. For maximum yield, place it in a sunny spot without shade and save up to 349.8 euros a year on electricity costs. Protect the environment and save money.

Product features

  • High performance:SongSolar solar power generation system uses advanced solar technology to ensure that sunlight can be efficiently captured and converted into electricity in all weather conditions. Its high conversion efficiency maximizes the power you need and saves energy.
  • Intelligent monitoring: The system is equipped with advanced monitoring technology, which allows you to monitor power generation and energy usage in real time. Via mobile apps or online platforms, you can keep an eye on your energy production for intelligent management and optimization anytime, anywhere.
  • Safe and Reliable:Our solar systems undergo rigorous testing and quality control to ensure outstanding safety and reliability. Their stable performance ensures long-term operation and reduces maintenance costs, allowing you to generate power for a long time.
  • Flexible Installation:The SongSoalr solar power generation system has a simple design that makes it easy to install and use. You can easily install it on your balcony, roof or other area with a lot of light to make the most of the available space and capture more solar energy.

scope of delivery

  • 4 x Song Solar 200 WP /Half Cut /Black Frame
  • 1 x Song Solar 800W micro inverter
  • 1 x Betteri to Schuko/socket cable 5m
  • 2 x set of extension cables Xenes 2m (a total of 2 cables_ 1x red and 1x black)

The size of the solar panel is: 1563*730*3.5mm
The size of the 800W inverter is: 200mm x 230mm x 40mm


VDE-AR-N 4105 form, useful for CE and VDE product certificates

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Whether you are looking for green power for your home or energy savings for your workplace, SongSolar solar power systems are ideal for you. Click the link to buy now and embrace clean energy for a better future!

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: When you choose a solar energy system from SongSolar, you are making an active contribution to environmental protection. Solar energy is a clean, environmentally friendly energy source, the use of which reduces carbon emissions, reduces the demand for fossil fuels and contributes to a sustainable planet. It is an efficient and reliable solar power solution that provides clean energy for your home or workplace, the dependency from the conventional power grid and at the same time contributes to environmental protection.

Wichtige Produktinformationen

Dieses multifunktionale Wechselrichter-/Ladegerät kombiniert die Funktionen eines Wechselrichters, eines Solarladegeräts und eines Batterieladegeräts, um eine unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung in tragbarer Größe zu gewährleisten. Sein umfassendes LCD-Display bietet benutzerkonfigurierbare und leicht zugängliche Drucktastenfunktionen wie Batterieladestrom, Priorität des AC-/Solar-Ladegeräts und zulässige Eingangsspannungen für verschiedene Anwendungen.

In der Box

• 1*Hybrid-Wechselrichter
 • 1* Produkthandbuch
• 1* Externes WiFi


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