Warranty Policy


Products offered by SongSolar are covered by the full manufacturer's warranty.

  1. The warranty period of GTB series products is 5 years and the service life is 20 years.
  2. The warranty period for NEP series products is 10 years and the service life is 25 years
  3. The warranty period for solar panel series products is 12 years, and the output power warranty period is 25 years
Please note that any of the following situations are not covered by the warranty.
1. Exceeding the warranty period;
2. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and store according to the product instructions;
3. The workshop, which is not responsible for the warranty, disassembles and causes damage
4. No valid purchase receipt;
5. Damage caused by force majeure.

Guarantee method:

Songsolar will repair or replace the device after sale according to the specific error conditions.

Replaced parts and accessories will enjoy the remainder of the original warranty period.
Contact : service@songsolar.com

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