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About 800W Micro Inverter


After installing the 800W inverter, the values ​​displayed matched the measuring socket exactly. The power output is also significantly higher. Great device, I bought two more of these inverters for my other properties!

Fiona Kelley

High conversion rate

The inverter is ready for use very quickly.
Just plug in the appropriate cables, connect them to a socket or Wieland socket in your home network, and you're done.
My inverter even has a maximum feed-in power of 820 watts. I also verified this with a measuring device.


I love it so much

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Dean D. US

I recommend this inverter

The inverter from songsolar arrives well packaged and with brief but sufficient instructions. All cables and plugs feel high quality and durable, which is absolutely necessary for a device that can/should be installed outdoors for years.


High quality micro inverters

With the landlord's approval, I can install a solar panel on the balcony. It has VDE certification, which is perfect. The price is very affordable. I definitely recommend it!

Bianca Andrade

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