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We ( Songsolar ) are now recruiting product reviewers, we provide you with various products for free, all you need to do is test the features of the products and provide appropriate reviews and pictures. Of course we will have some additional requirements:

1. We hope you are a fan of new energy products
2. We hope you are familiar with the connection methods and operation of different types of inverters.
3. If you have a certain number of fans on social media platforms, you can get priority for free testing

If you meet the above conditions, you can contact us to get free trial qualifications. Spaces are limited, first come, first served. Our email:

what people say

Baldwin Meckstroth


Songsolar has revolutionized my electricity consumption! I was able to significantly reduce my electricity bill while using green energy. Installation was easy and the Songsolar team was extremely helpful.

Spangler Lobe

top service

As an environmentally conscious consumer, I was looking for a way to use renewable energy in my home. Songsolar helped me use solar energy efficiently and reduce my carbon footprint. Great website with lots of information

Amd Dittberner

great quality

Songsolar's website provides comprehensive information about renewable energy and its benefits. I found all the answers to my questions and was able to get plenty of information before I decided on Songsolar. Highly recommended!

Garan Bramer


Songsolar impressed me with their innovative technology. The ability to feed excess energy into the grid is simply brilliant. The Songsolar website provides all the details and makes the decision for this sustainable solution easier.

Alvin Ellenberger

super big

I love the simplicity and ease of use of the Songsolar website. All the information I needed to make an informed decision was easily accessible. The website helped me better understand the benefits of using renewable energy.

Ryszard greetings

great service

Songsolar has helped me to make my own contribution to environmental protection. The website not only provides information about solar energy, but also other renewable energy sources. Thanks to Songsolar, I was able to make my home more sustainable.

We'd love to hear from you.

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