When using solar inverters, these safety issues must not be overlooked!

Oct 08, 2023

Using solar inverters in solar energy systems is a great way to harness renewable energy. However, some important safety aspects should be taken into account to ensure safe operation:

  1. Voltage Match: When selecting a solar inverter, it is crucial that the inverter's input voltage matches the voltage of your battery. For example, for a 12 volt battery, you will need a 12 volt inverter to ensure proper functioning.

  2. Correct polarity: Make sure to connect the positive and negative terminals of the inverter correctly. As a rule, the positive connections are red and the negative connections are black. This must match the markings on your battery. Make sure that the connection cables are sufficiently dimensioned and the length is minimized.

  3. Excess power: The inverter should have a higher output power than the connected devices, especially for devices with high starting current such as refrigerators or air conditioners.

  4. Storage and Environment: Store the inverter in a well-ventilated and dry place to avoid damage caused by moisture. Keep it protected from rain and ensure it is at least 20cm away from combustible materials.

  5. Environmental Conditions: Make sure the inverter is installed in an environment with proper conditions: dry (no water or rain intrusion), cool (temperatures between 0°C and 40°C) and well ventilated (no blockage within 5 cm around the housing).

  6. Safety when connecting the battery: Be careful not to have any metal objects nearby when connecting the battery to avoid short circuit or injury.

  7. Parallel operation of charging and inverter operation: Avoid charging the inverter at the same time during operation. Plugging the charging cable into the inverter output circuit during operation is dangerous.

  8. Unauthorized opening of the housing: Customers should not open the inverter housing on their own to prevent unexpected incidents.

Product recommendation:

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Always think about safety when using solar inverters and use high-quality accessories to optimally protect your solar system and operate it efficiently.

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