Hybrid inverter 6.2kw 48v 120A MPPT Wifi

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Hybrid inverter 6.2kw 48v 120A MPPT Wifi

Hybrid inverter 6.2kw 48v 120A MPPT Wifi

Regular price €299.00
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  • 【PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER】6200W 48V Off-Grid Solar Inverter Built-in 120A MPPT Charge Controller, Pure Sine Wave Inverter Single Phase Output 230VAC, 6.2kw new all-in-one inverter that combines the functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to provide uninterrupted power backup in a single package.
  • 【TECHNICAL PARAMETERS】120A MPPT solar charging inverter, MAX. PV array power: 6500W, Max.PV open circuit voltage: 450Vdc; Starting voltage >90V, MAX. Charging current: 120A, PV array MPPT voltage range: 60~450Vdc; Cold start function (46V).
    Setting range is from 40.0V to 46.0V.The increment of each click is 0.1V.When the battery voltage drops below the setting range,the main output will stop working.Only the Second Out port will work.For areas with frequent power outages and loads that cannot be dimmed,you can set the battery voltage to 46V.Keep more battery capacity for emergencies.When the battery voltage is higher than 46V,the Main OUT port will work.
  • 【One Click Restore Default Settings】6.2KW All in One MPPT inverter can restore the system settings by one button in case of setting error, to avoid the machine damage caused by setting error.With battery cold start function (46V), and automatically restart while AC is restored to protect your system well.
  • 【DIVERSIFIES USES】On/ Off-grid working mode, you can use inverter as energy storage device without power Grid (Off Grid). Maybe you will also like to reduce the household electricity bill through it (On Grid).; Can be accessed to a variety of household and office loads, including refrigerators, lamps, televisions, fans, air conditioning and other loads. 4 charging modes support: Utility first, Solar first,Solar&Utility and Battery & Solar.
120A MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology maximizes solar conversion efficiency. Multifunctionality: Not only can it convert solar energy into electricity, but also has a solar charging control function

The use of high-quality electronic components and design ensure the stable operation of the inverter under various environmental conditions and extend its service life.

    Q1.How long can the hybrid inverter power a load?

    A1.With an average load of 1000W and battery capacity of 100Ah, the inverter can provide power for about 10 hours. Please note that this is only a rough estimate and depends on various factors.

    Q2. How many charging modes and output modes does the solar inverter have?

    A2.The solar inverter has 4 charging modes and 3 output modes. You can set the inverter for battery charging, grid charging or solar charging depending on your needs. This allows for flexible use, even in poor lighting conditions.

    Q3.Does the inverter automatically switch to battery charging or mains charging when the light is dim?

    A3.Yes, the solar inverter automatically switches to battery charging or grid charging when the light is low. This allows for continuous power delivery to your load, even in low light conditions.

    Q4.Does the inverter have an integrated protection circuit?

    A4.Absolutely! The inverter is equipped with an integrated protection circuit. This ensures that the charging current is always sufficient and the batteries are not overcharged.

    Q5.What is the peak power and conversion efficiency of the hybrid solar power inverter?

    A5. The hybrid solar power inverter has a peak power of up to 6200W/6500W, the conversion efficiency of the hybrid solar power inverter can reach up to 98%.

    Q6: Are there instructions in German?

    A6.Yes, you can get the manual in German by clicking the download .
    For further questions, you can contact us at service@songsolar.com .

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