5.12kWh Pytes energy storage battery wholesale

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5.12kWh Pytes energy storage battery wholesale

5.12kWh Pytes energy storage battery wholesale

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5.12kWh Pytes energy storage battery(Click here to view manual)


  • It offers you a safe, well-designed and powerful standard LFP battery.
  • The battery pack is compact, easy to install, maintenance-free and can be used as a component of an energy storage system through parallel assembly.
  • It is widely used in home applications, small commercial and industrial energy storage systems, and telecommunications stations.
  • Store excess energy generated by solar panels and use it when needed
  • Provision of emergency power supply in the event of a power failure
  • Charge the battery during off-peak times and discharge the battery during peak times
  • measure, monitor and manage system in real time Optimize system lifespan through intelligent algorithms
  • Product List:
    5.12kWh Pytes Battery*1
    battery-to-battery power cable 0.16m(+ and -) * 1 set
    battery-to-battery communication cable 0.22m * 1 piece
    earth cable 1m * 1 piece


2 year warranty inverters & controllers, 5 year warranty batteries, 15 year warranty solar panels.


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